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Automotive Window Tinting.

ALL our SunTek window tints come with a FULL 5 Year guarantee.We provide window tinting for all sizes of vehicles at competitive prices using the best tinting films in the business.

20+ years experience in automotive window tinting.

Headlights, body, and window tinting solutions.

Northern Ireland's leading automotive tinting installers.

SunTek approved and registered window tinting film installer.

Why Automotive Window Tinting?

There are many benefits of adding a tinting solution to your vehicle, from improved security and protection to adding an enhanced appearance.

Reduce Fading

Automotive Tinting can help to reduce fading on automotive interiors by reducing the effect of harmful UV rays on materials.

Protection from UV Rays

Protect your vehicle from lasting damage. Install a suitable tinting film to shield your vehicle and keep that new look.

Security & Safety

Window tinting improves the security of your vehicle and can help hold shattered glass together improving passenger safety.

Glare & Heat Reduction

Reduce glare effects and rising temperatures inside the vehicle with our high-quality window tinting solutions.

Increased Privacy

We provide multiple shades of window tinting so you can choose the level of tint that best suits the privacy you require.

Enhanced Appearance

Our automotive tinting films will improve the look and appeal of your vehicle. Give your vehicle a sleek, modern, cosmetic update.
VW Car Window Tinting
VW White Window Tinting

We specialise in all types of window tinting.

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Why choose us for Automotive Window Tinting?

ADA TINT has been specialising in all types of vehicle tinting solutions including, window tinting, headlight tinting, and cosmetic films for over 20 years. Our work is of the highest standard.